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Human Resource Development

This arm of our business helps employers and employees develop organizational and, or personal skills.


Nursery Section

This is the introductory section into our school for those children who are just beginning their journey through school.


Primary Section

This primary section is a follow-up to the early years spanning Year 1 - Year 6. This is a precursor to the secondary.


Secondary Section

The secondary prepares the students more specifically for tertiary education as they choose career paths.


Recent Events:

   Are you considering a place at Thelish for your child? You can begin today!

At TheLisH International Montessori School, we aim to build confident, balanced, ambitious young people, and to inculcate in them a strong set of values that will allow them to make significant contributions to the world beyond School.

Our Pupils and Students attain the qualifications they need for further and higher education and for adult working life. Our system helps your child experience a richness and diversity of personal, social and recreational opportunities. We believe education is a partnership between school, parents and the child. Their success needs your support as a parent and we are committed to working with you. We will listen to you and support your family throughout your child’s learning and personal development.

We have a strong commitment to continuous improvement, striving always to provide an academic education of the highest possible standard. In the time they spend at TIMS we expect our students to develop the highest standards in all aspects of life: intellectual, cultural, sporting and behavioral. We likewise expect the highest possible standards of appearance, dress, and manners. We welcome the support of our parents in achieving these aims. We look forward to meeting with you soon.

Mrs Emojevwe O. Philomena